Cadets of Alpha Company Leader's Training Course in Ft. Knox lay out equipment for initial inspection. Photo by Jake Pope.

Cadets of Alpha Company lay out equipment Thursday for initial inspection. Photo by Jake Pope.

By Matthew Langston
Leader’s Training Course

Laughter and chatter turned into silence as a lieutenant spoke to Cadets, telling them during their bus ride from Louisville to Fort Knox what they were about to encounter and experience for the next month.

Thursday marked the first day of Alpha Company’s time at the post for the Leader’s Training Course.

The Cadets’ day started with a 45-minute bus ride from Louisville International Airport, and upon arrival they were turned over to drill sergeants to begin an indoctrination process that moved along with a mix of yelling and forceful direction.

For many of the Cadets, the arrival to the LTC can bring forth many emotions and thoughts as to what is to be expected throughout this course, and also as to what is going to be expected from them.

Cadet Wes Allard, a student at Truman State University in Kirksville, Mo., said he has been looking forward to this opportunity. Allard said he believes this will be an opportunity to grow as both personally and professionally.

“I’m excited,” Allard said. “I’ve been waiting for this for a while now.”

During their one month at the LTC, the 179 Cadets of Alpha Company will participate in team-building exercises and high-adventure training such as the rappel tower and stream crossing.

Cadet Landon Montes, a student at UNLV, noted the benefits of coming to the LTC.

“I just think it’s a good career opportunity,” Montes said. “It allowed me to get a scholarship of $5,000 a semester, which is great.”

Common emotions may include being fearful of the upcoming training, but also being excited to get started.

Montes said he was feeling a bit nervous, but he had no concerns of how he will perform at the course.

“I always wanted to do this,” Montes said. “So, I’m excited for that.”

The Cadets will spend Friday getting acclimated to the barracks where they will be staying, and they will also continue with in-processing and briefings.


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