Another beautiful day to mark off the calender! Romania teams 1 & 2 joined together with 21 Romanian cadets and traveled from Sibui to Brasov to look at the magnificent and historical Barn Castle.

It was quite a sight for us Americans. It is not everyday that we get to see a structure as beautiful and amazing as that. After touring the castle, we continued to browse around the different outdoor shops that the area had to offer. The Romanian Cadets did not find shopping as important however, maybe that’s because we were all scrambling to find gifts for our friends and family back home!

After spending several hours at the Barn Castle, we then traveled to The Adventure Park where we had pizza delivered for all of us during lunch time. After we were done eating our meal, all of the Cadets and Cadre had some fun climbing, swinging, hanging as we tackled on a high ropes course! There were different levels for each course so some were more challenging than others. If there was anyone coming into this event scared of heights then today was the day to conquer that fear.

The high ropes gave everybody a good workout. Everyone seemed to enjoy each others company and it made for perfect bonding.  These activities also let us get to know the Romanian cadets even better. Some of us were able to see what they drew a lot of interest towards so we could have some discussion ideas during class later this week. Our time together this weekend will never leave our memories due to the high excitement and friendships that are being formed. We are all very blessed to spend time with the Romanian cadets from the Land Forces Academy and we are truly grateful for their continued hospitality and kind welcoming!

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