The Cadets of the CULP mission to the Czech Republic (team three)  participated in infantry training with the Czech Army in the early morning the first week of their arrival. Jumping in with both feet, we were immersed into the environment of training through translation, instruction, and criticism as we were directed by the Czech Land Force Infantry specialists on a Military Operations on Urban Terrain site. This team learned to clear buildings according to Czech doctrine as well as EPW search and exit tactically as if we were completing a mission.IMG_1460

Not only were we able to increase our knowledge on military tactics, but we were also able to establish friendships which have lasted the duration of the trip. Using the excellent environment as a gateway for communication, we were able to engage  fellow soldiers despite the language barrier and carry ourselves as professionals in a seemingly difficult circumstance. This also allowed us to gain a great amount of knowledge about the Czech language, people, and culture even within the first few days of them being in country.

This team consisted of Cadet Brian Duncan of Niagara University, Cadet Tom Lamm of Virginia Tech, Cadet Dan Schmidt of Kansas State University, Cadet Alexis Hingle of Virginia Commonwealth University, Cadet Connor Camp of Pennsylvania State University, Cadet Simeon Khan of Dickinson University, and Cadet Jenna Klausing of Missouri State University.




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