Today began the real meaning of our mission to Romania. We had a formation at 6:45 a.m. and then ate a quick breakfast. Then, we caught a bus to the Land Forces Academy here in Sibiu. We arrived around 7:30 a.m. and sat in a room wondering what the Romanians would be like. A little after 8:00 a.m. we headed outside for a formation ceremony with the Romanian cadets. They were all divided in their different platoons and responded immediately to commands. All the Romanian cadets sang their national anthem when it was played. Next, there were many speakers. Then, the cadets marched off, only to return for a pass and review for us.

After the formation, we went inside a classroom and introduced ourselves to the Romanians that we would be working with. Then, we received a tour of the campus. This included several laboratories, classrooms, the school library, and museum. Our tour guide spoke great English and was very professional.

Next, we divided into four groups of five or six cadets for our classes. We spent the next couple hours getting to know the Romanian cadets that we will be teaching. This was very exciting and fun. We were surprised at how well they understood English and our culture. They were fun to talk to. After hanging out with the Romanians we got the opportunity to eat lunch with them in their dining hall. We left shortly after lunch to return to our hotel.

Romanian teacher showing American CDTs around the Land Forces Academy.

Romanian teacher showing American Cadets around the Land Forces Academy.

Romanian CDT Iulian Nica showing American CDT Carson Clabeaux around Sibiu, Romania

Romanian cadet Iulian Nica showing American cadet Carson Clabeaux around Sibiu, Romania


Today was just the beginning of our journey at the Land Forces Academy. Tomorrow begins our teaching of American culture. Hopefully we will be able to communicate with them without major difficultly.

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