By Cadet Kate Adams

Cadets from CULP Hungary Team 3 finished their second week of teaching English to their Hungarian counterparts. Each group, which included a cadet and one or two Hungarians, gave a presentation on some parts of American culture in which the Hungarians learned from and spoke mostly about. The goal of the English class is to help the Hungarians speak English with other NATO allies. The Hungarians are very good at reading and writing English but they do not have many opportunities to speak English in Hungary.

We began to learn about the different weapons the Hungarian Defense Forces use in preparation for shooting the weapons next week. We learned to disassemble and re-assemble an AK47 and pistol, along with learning the safety rules of the range. And we took part in the local Regiment Day, which is a celebration of the formation of the Radar Regiment. The day is a family day for the local military personal in which they can come together and enjoy food, music, and sports. We enjoyed playing and teaching American football with the Hungarians during this special day.

Additionally, we took part in a land navigation exercise with the Hungarians. We were split into two teams and found a total of four points across beautiful Veszprem. We ended the teaching week with a trip to 59th Szentgyorgyi Dezso Air Base. At the base, we had the opportunity to see many of the planes used by the Hungarian Air Force and to look into the hangars in which planes are worked on, particularly the guns and ejection seat from the fighter jets. We saw a drill take place for what the HAF does if an unauthorized aircraft enters Hungarian air space. The Hungarians pilots responded fast, taking off within minutes of the sirens going off. Then we ended the day with a look into the air traffic control tower. The cadets are very excited going into their last week of teaching and learning from the Hungarians.

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