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Over the course of one morning, cadets fired five different weapons under the direction of the Czech soldiers. These weapons ranged from the Dragunov Sniper Rifle to the machine gun to the RPG. Each weapon operation was facilitated and supervised by a Czech soldier who specialized in the given firearm. Cadets were given numerous chances to improve their shooting as well as tips and pointers the Czech military had to offer.

This was truly an amazing experience for cadets. They worked through the immense difficulty of a language barrier, learning how to take instruction through translation or through visual learning. This immersion also allowed the cadets to fully understand the Czech’s appreciation for their weaponry as well as their expertise.The information the Czech had to offer was infinitely extensive. From body positioning to sight pictures, the Czech Army showcased their knowledge regarding their country’s weaponry for the ROTC cadets. Everyone came away having learned something valuable after this experience and grateful to the Czech Army for their phenomenal instruction.

This team consisted of Cadet Brian Duncan of Niagara University, Cadet Tom Lamm of Virginia Tech University, Cadet Dan Schmidt of Kansas State University, Cadet Alexis Hingle of Virginia Commonwealth University, Cadet Connor Camp of Pennsylvania State University, Cadet Simeon Khan of Dickinson University, and Cadet Jenna Klausing of Missouri State University.


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