by Cadet Kate Adams

Cadets on Hungary team 3 had the chance to go shooting with their Hungarian counterparts and to qualify on the range. We had the chance to shoot AK69s and pistols as the majority of the Hungarian soldiers located in Veszprem went to the range to qualify for the year.

Each cadets had 20 rounds to qualify with on the AK69 and six rounds to use for the pistol. Targets were at the ranges of 200-300 meters away for the AK69 range and 40 and 15 meters away for the pistol range. Each Cadet was able to pass  on the range and had a great day shooting.
We had the chance to visit Pápa Airbase today, which is the location for the Strategic Airlift Capability aircraft used by ten NATO countries and two partner countries. This partnership of three Boeing C-17 strategic transport aircraft allows the countries that participate to have a “timeshare” on the aircraft to use when needed. The aircraft are used to move supplies from countries, transport vehicles and tanks, to even taking troops into combat zones for deployment. The aircraft are under control of the Heavy Aircraft Wing, which has personnel from all participating countries. This program allows countries to work together on certain missions in a cost effective way. Cadets had the opportunity to walk around inside the aircraft, and even had the chance to sit in the pilots seat. We had a great time seeing the aircraft and learning about the Strategic Airlift Capability of the Heavy Airlift Wing that the U.S. and other NATO allies participate in.


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