PT Monster

By Tanner Cole

During the Leader Development and Assessment Course, Cadets take a physical fitness test that plays a huge role in their evaluation and potential future with the Army. To get a maximum score of 300, Cadets must complete 72 push-ups, 78 sit-ups and run two miles in thirteen minutes.

With 131 push-ups, 128 sit-ups and an 11:50 two-mile time, Jeffrey Milhorn, of the University of Colorado at Boulder, completed the test with 421 points.

“I’ve been training really hard endurance-wise for it,” Milhorn said. “It’s the highest score I’ve ever received.

Milhorn is an easy-to-find Cadet. Those in his regiment refer to him as the PT monster. After finding out his score, everyone remembers what he looks like. Cadet Laquasia Nunce, of the City University of New York compared his appearance to a famous super hero.

“Cadet Milhorn is like Captain America before he got the soldier juice and grew tall,” Nunce said.

A year ago Milhorn hit 400 on his PT score. His goal for this year was to reach 410. He enjoyed testing his physical condition and being in the prime environment to quantify it.

“It’s nice to come out here and test your mental endurance and physical endurance in a longer extended time period of field exercise,” Milhorn said. “It has not been easy but it’s been a good experience overall.

His physical abilities set him apart from his fellow Cadets. His platoon-mates, like Cody Bressette of the University of South Florida, saw Milhorn as an example of how Cadets should behave.

“Milhorn is one of the most squared away, physically fit and confident Cadets that we have in the program, and it’s an honor to train with him,” Bressette said.

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