By Katie Gray

Cadet Breanna Dennis. U.S. ARMY PHOTO BY KATIE GRAY

Cadet Breanna Dennis. U.S. ARMY PHOTO BY KATIE GRAY

Being a single parent can be hard for many, especially if they are in the military. ROTC Cadet Breanna Dennis, from Norfolk State University, is learning just that while attending her summer training in the Cadet Leadership Course (CLC) at Fort Knox Kentucky.


“Just because you have a child, it doesn’t mean you have to give up on the things you want to do.” Dennis said, “When you hit bumps in the road, it doesn’t mean you have to give up doing what you need to do.”


But that doesn’t stop Dennis at all. She wants to set an example for not only her daughter, but also to other single parents, whether they are in the military or not. “If I can do it, they can do it too.” Dennis said.


In the Army, there are different programs available to help single parents that in the military. For Dennis, training has been hard due to cell phones being taken away at the beginning of CLC training. “This is the first time I won’t be able to have contact with my daughter since our phones are taken away.” Dennis said. Not having that contact with her family has been hard, but Dennis has found a second family here at Cadet Summer Training (CST) that have been helping her get through the days.


“I have met some good people like (Cadet) Hatcher that I can talk to and even other cool people in the platoon that I can talk to as well. If I start getting negative she (Cadet Hatcher) keeps me motivated and bring up the moral.” Dennis had said.


When asked if Dennis could give a single parent any advice when they were ready to give up, she had this message for them.  “Everything you do, you have to think about your kid. Who are you doing it for? Sometimes I think about giving up, but would my daughter want me to give up? So I would tell you don’t give up because you are trying to make a better future your child and yourself.”




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