FORT KNOX, Ky. – 5th Regiment Advanced Camp (Cadet Leaders Course) Cadets were honored to listened to Gen. Robert A. Abrams speak during their Commitment to Army the Profession Seminar (CAPS) located at Elizabethtown Community and Technical College July 18.

Abrams, commanding general of U.S Army Forces Command, began his presentation by opening the floor for questions on what the Cadets would like him to address during his talk. Topics included the Army’s future, how to excel under pressure, what it takes to be a good lieutenant, and how to find the balance between work and family as a Soldier.


Gen. Robert A. Abrams, commanding general of U.S. Army Forces Command, answers questions from 5th Regiment Advanced Camp (CLC) Cadets during their Commitment to the Army Profession Seminar (CAPS) located at Elizabethtown Community and Technical College. July 18. Photo by Mattie Cook

He addressed each topic during his presentation, but one main message shined through; a three-part guide on being a quality officer: be a strong leader of character, know your job and take care of Soldiers and Families.

Abrams said to be a strong leader of character, Soldiers must always do what is right even when it is not popular. In order to know their job, service members must become a master at their craft. To take care of Soldiers and Families, they must be mindful of Soldier’s time, realizing they too are trying to develop a balance between work time and family time.

“You’re responsible for your Soldiers, but you are also accountable. Thats a big thing I want you to understand,” Abrams said.

He spent extensive time during his presentation, stressing to Cadets the notion of accountability, noting that the idea of responsibility is expected, but accountability entails something different.

“You are going to make decisions that potentially put your Soldiers in danger. They want to know that you care, that you’re concerned about them as individuals. You must treat them all with dignity and respect. Set a climate such that all Soldiers are treated equally,” Abrams said.

Cdt. Patrick Maloney, Old Dominion University, said it was nice to hear the insights of someone in such a high position.

“It was an honor to listen to General Abrams today. His three points on being a quality leader impacted me in a big way moving forward. As a prior service Cadet, I’ve seen many of the examples that General Abrams described in leadership so hearing his insights was really nice. Holding fast to being a strong leader of character, knowing your job and taking care of Soldiers and Families is such critical advice,” Maloney said.

Abrams left the Cadets with a simple statement of encouragement.
“This profession isn’t for everyone, but if this country and flag mans something to you, you’re in the right line of work,” said Abrams.

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