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FORT KNOX, Ky.—The Cadet Summer Training (CST) Medical Tactical Operations Center (MED TOC) team works hard seven days a week to ensure the safety of Cadets and Cadre during CST and prepare to address any emergency that might occur.

“The purpose of the exercise was so that everyone could work on their communication for if something actually does happen. When we do exercises like this it helps us to find holes in the plans that we have and hopefully we can patch those up for when the real thing happens.” said Specialist Dwyer Henderson of the MED TOC team.

Sergeant Brandon Henderson takes notes during a MED TOC live-training scenario that involved three different common scenarios that the MED TOC team will face during the CST.

The MED TOC team held a training scenario mission on 23 May 2017 that involved three different medical emergency scenarios that the team may face during this year’s CST.

“The exercise itself involved one of the aid stations that had three patients to come in: one gunshot wound, one heat casualty and one with heat cramps. It was to test our ability to communicate with each other.” said Spc. Henderson.

Spc. Henderson was assigned to listen to all incoming calls over the radios and transcribe any information that applied to their mission and to make sure that the information was transmitted to the other individuals and teams that it applied to.

Staff Sgt. Christopher Suarez is also a part of the CST MED TOC team.

“I am kind of the coordinator between the solders, the RTO’s, tactical operators, as well as the drivers and getting the information from the units at aid stations at places of the events and make sure that it gets out through the proper channels.”

The MED TOC team works together during a training scenario that involved three mediacal emergencies that might be faced during CST

Staff Sgt. Suarez enjoys being involved in the training of the soldiers and watching them grow as they learn their roles and responsibilities while being in the military.

MED TOC will be working seven days a week during CST to ensure that all medical emergencies are addressed and are prepared to address them as they come. The MED TOC team has been trained to address medical emergencies ranging from sprained ankles to casualties.

CST will bring 8,200 Cadets through Basic and Advanced Camp regiments this summer on Fort Knox. The camps are designed to help grow and improve various skills and leadership qualities within the Cadets. Each regiment will attend camp for 31 days followed by a graduation ceremony. The CST team will be working hard to ensure that cadets are thoroughly trained and receive full evaluations by the end of their training.