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Cadets from all over the country arrived at Fort Knox, Ky., on May 25 to start their first day of Advanced camp.


Upon arrival, Cadets must go through many tasks as part of their in-processing. Some tasks include thorough briefings, inventory of items that they should have and not have, receive barracks assignments, and height/weight check.


Height and Weight is a big part of the Cadet processing because commanders want to make sure their Cadets meet Army standards.

2nd Lt. Jessica Kerney and 2nd Lt. Veronica Williams measure and record the weight of Cadets at Ft. Knox, Ky. May 25. Photo by Lindsey Crown


When the Cadets receive their barracks assignments they are to change into their Army shirt and running shorts. Once they change, they are to go to the height and weight station.


Cadets prepare for the right height and weight requirements by making sure they eat healthy prior to coming to Advanced Camp.


The importance of meeting the Army’s standards is to make sure the Cadets are healthy to perform their training. If the Cadets do not meet the standard, they are given counseling to decrease or increase their weight. They are also given nutritional orders on what to eat and what not to eat during Advanced camp.


Throughout the height and weight process, there were many military personnel to help the Cadets be processed. Each person had a different job at each station, such as Captain Charles Jones, he helped the many Cadets get to where they needed to go.


Each Cadet has different feelings while being checked for their height and weight. For Cadet Helena Krekowski, Georgia Southern University, she talked about how it’s like déjà vu for her because she been through this process before and she hopes to teach the younger Cadets what to do when going through this program.


While lined up in the hallway, the Cadets expressed their feeling of anxiousness and what they expect of the summer.


“Of course I want to be better than I was when I came in, but also I want to learn how to lead others more effectively”, said Cadet Sterling Province, University of Tennessee.

Cadet Sterling Province is interviewed during height and weight recordings on Ft. Knox, Ky. Thursday May 25. Photo by Lindsey Crown


These Cadets have thirty more days left of the Advanced Camp and so far, their first day with processing is going calmly.