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FORT KNOX, Ky.—Cadet Summer Training (CST) is unlike any other summer camp; as Cadets begin arriving, there are many stations they must undergo before they can begin CST, height and weight being one of the first to ensure that Cadets start the summer healthy.

Because of the harsh weather conditions and intense training at Advanced Camp CST, Cadets need to work hard to stay as healthy as possible.

“Drinking water is huge. On top of that, get good nutrition all around. You have to eat to maintain good nutrition that you need to keep moving. It’s going to burn a lot of calories, everyone will burn a lot of calories out here, just to stay up with the training schedule, but really just maintaining that caloric intake to accommodate it.” said Cpt. Tyler Bryant, University of Montana, as advice to everyone involved in CST.

Cadets stand in line awaiting further instruction during the height and weight portion of the Advance Camp Arrival Day

Cadet Christopher Von Der Linn, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, has been to Basic Camp before and plans on staying as healthy as he can so he can further reach the goals that he has set for himself now that he is in Advance Camp.

“I’m from the North, so heat is actually a problem for me,” said Cadet Von Der Linn,

“I’ve never heat catted (heat injury) before, but I definitely look out for myself when it comes to that stuff.”

Cadet Von Der Linn plans on conquering his fear of heights by taking on the Rappel Tower this summer. He looks forward to bettering his leadership skills and also has set a goal to complete the 12-mile ruck in less than three hours.

“I’ve been training for the 12-mile ruck a lot, and when we did the practice run, I got it in three hours and one second. I want to get it under three hour mark to earn the Recondo Badge, so hopefully all things will go as planned and I will be motivated by that and really kick its butt.” said Cadet Von Der Linn.

2nd Lieutenant Jessica Kerney, Florida Institute of Technology, adjusts scales for incoming cadets to use during the height and weight portion of the first day of Advance Camp training.

Cadet Von Der Linn is one of many Cadets in the Advanced Camp 1st Regiment who will be training through the harsh weather conditions for his 31-day stay at Fort Knox and will be working hard to stay healthy and complete his goals.

CST will bring 8,200 Cadets through Basic and Advanced Camp regiments this summer on Fort Knox. The camps are designed to help grow and improve various skills and leadership qualities within the Cadets. Each regiment will attend camp for 31 days followed by a graduation ceremony. The CST team will be working hard to ensure that cadets are thoroughly trained and receive full evaluations by the end of their training.