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FORT KNOX, Ky. – 287 Cadets from 1st Regiment Basic Camp graduates at Brooks Field June 26 in Fort Knox, Ky.


Their friends/family as well as Brig. Gen. Bennett and Maj. Gen. Hughes accompanied Cadets.


At nine a.m. the graduation ceremony started with Cadet Jonathon Ordonez, Commander of Troops, leading Cadets as the United States Army Band stood beside them. Cadet Ordonez addressed Col. Halloren, Commander of Task Force Warrior, that the troops are ready to start the ceremony. Once address was given, Chaplain Candidate, 2nd Lt. Jimenez, led everyone in prayer.


The key part of the ceremony was the salute to the Army’s colors, which are the Army’s flags followed by three Cannonades. There are three colors, Duty, Honor and Country, which were first presented by Gen. of the Army Douglas MacArthur during his speech in 1962.

1st Regiment Basic Camp Cadets stand in formation during graduation on Fort Knox, KY, June 26. Photo by Lindsey Crown


Following the presentation of Colors, Cadet Joshua Hodge recites Cadet Creed. This is vital to Cadets lives, they are to memorize this creed and carry it with them until commissioned as 2nd Lt.


Out of the 287 Cadets, 15 Cadets were awarded for their perseverance, dedication, demonstration of Army values and integrity. The rest of the Cadets were presented with the Graduation Certificate and Ribbon for successfully completing Basic Camp.

Cadet Emily Cumming, University of Nebraska Lincoln, receives the Military Order of the Purple Heart Meritorious Service Award June 26 at the 1th Regiment Basic Camp graduation. Cadets earn this award for showing the most improvement in their development of Character and Accountability and meeting all of CIET standards. Photo by Lindsey Crown


“It’s a big honor, I was shocked I was even in the running for it. I saw a lot of other Cadets who were very well up for the opportunity, they were very well put together and had a lot going for them,” said Cadet Emily Cumming, St. Edward, Neb. Recipient of the Military Order of the Purple Heart Badge of Merit award.


Col. Halloren gave the reviewing officer’s address to Cadets, friends and family. In his speech, he spoke about things he witnessed during Basic Camp, all the happy times as well as the hard times. He ended his speech with a thought that Cadets should keep in mind,


“We expect greatness from you, so as you go back to your campuses remember that you are creating a legacy, a legacy that will continue to make a difference long after you have served. Amateurs practice until they get it right, professionals practice until they can’t get it wrong, which one will you be?”


After his speech, Cadet Ordonez led Cadets to do pass in review. In pass in review, Cadets are to pass their family/friends while in formation. While passing by, Company leaders salute and the ceremony concluded with the Army song.


These Cadets have endured a lot and what better way to complete their time in Fort Knox than being with their families. The father of Cadet Cumming was overjoyed by his daughters’ accomplishments,


“We are really proud of our daughter and hope that this experience has been an overall good experience and I feel pretty honored to get to partake in it.”


This graduation is just the beginning of the many graduations to come, well-done Cadets.