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Fort Knox, Ky., – Basic Camp 3rd Regiment Cadets graduated from Cadet Summer Training on July 6, 2017 after successfully completing 31 days of training.

Col. Jason Halloren gave the reviewing officer’s address at the 3rd Regiment Basic Camp graduation ceremony July 6, Fort Knox, Ky. (photo by Emily LaForme).

Each Regiment that passes through CST is named in honor of a fallen veteran who also completed Reserve Officers Training Corps, and 3rd Regiment has the honor of being named after General Frederick C. Weyland.

Cadet Zachary Dexter, student at Indiana University, native of Mountain Lakes, New Jersey, graduated basic camp was rewarded for his hard work at CST.

“This morning was great for me, even though we had to wake up early. We got up, did graduation rehearsal, ate MRE’s in the rain, and then finally got to graduate,” said Dexter.

Dexter received the AUSA Warrior Ethos award, given to the top marksman in the regiment

“About mid-way through [training], we had a day on the shooting range where we grouped and zeroed and qualified with the M-16. I shot a 39 out of 40 [score], as did some other Cadets,” said Dexter. “A few days later, out of nowhere, they pulled all of us out of who shot a 39 out of 40 and they took us back to the range and we had a shoot off. It was basically ten rounds and whoever could get the most in the black [on the target], would win, and I shot the most in the black.”

Dexter is pleased with the success and experiences he had while at CST.

“It feels great. I just finished my Military Science level-1 year of Reserve Officers Training Corps, which is my freshman year,” said Dexter. “I haven’t ever really won anything before. There was a bunch of high-ranking officers there and the colonel from my brigade was there, and he gave me a coin. It felt great to be recognized and show that all my hard work I’ve been putting in means something. This is a great start, I think, for me, and I’m glad to be here.”

Cadet Alana R. Humason, University of Oklahoma, receives the Military Order of the Purple Heart Meritorious Service Award July 1 at the 2nd Regiment Basic Camp graduation. Cadets earn this award for showing the most improvement in their development of Character and Accountability and meeting all of CIET/Basic Camp standards. (Photo by Emily LaForme)

Cadet Alana Humason, student at the University of Oklahoma, native of Dallas, also graduated from Basic Camp and received an award for her success at camp.

“I received the Military Order of the Purple Heart award. The short answer is, it’s most improved, but it’s awarded to the Cadet who has shown the most improvement throughout camp and grown in leadership and accountability, ” said Humason. “I’ve always been very shy, but there’s just something about camp, maybe it’s the drill sergeants, maybe it’s the people or our tasks that pushes you out of your comfort zone immediately. With my boundaries knocked down by tall men in scary hats I was able to find own potential and push to levels I’ve never pushed before, so I was able to improve a lot in that way.”

Humason said it was because she able to move past her shyness that helped her achieve at camp.

“I would stay in the background and contribute ideas quietly but then let other people take credit for them, but now I’m not afraid to speak up, say what needs to be said, and take charge if necessary,” said Humason. “Shyness is all about mental barriers, once you knock those down, it’s hard, but once you get over it, you can really do anything. Camp is not the place for shyness, you need to put yourself forward and make yourself known to your peers and instructors, and that is how you achieve success.”

CST not only builds leaders, it builds confidence as well.

Basic Camp 3rd Regiment Alpha Company graduates from Cadet Summer Training July 6, Fort Knox, Ky. (Photo by Emily LaForme)

“This has definitely built my confidence more than anything I’ve ever done, and also to a certain degree, it’s taught me how to take hits and be punished and then keep getting up and going on, how to keep up motivation even when you’ve been stomped into the dirt,” said Humason.

The Cadets of 3rd Regiment Basic Camp will return home and to their respective universities and continue on with ROTC training, preparing for their next steps in Advanced Camp.