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By Savoury Jacobson

FORT KNOX, Ky-Basic Camp Regiment 7 just arrived and have begun to learn the basics of being a soldier at Fort Knox, Ky.

Even though most of the basics covered during field craft might seem like a repeat to the Cadets, it is important that every one understands hygiene and cautionary procedures while out in the field and on post.

Cadets and cadre head indoors for a briefing on field craft on July 16, 2017, at Fort Knox, Ky. (Photo by Savoury Jacobson.)

The Cadets are brought into a classroom and briefed on the dangers of letting their person go and not maintaining a standard of cleanliness. Soldiers are expected to keep their person clean, healthy, and ready at all times. This class lays the foundation for everything that is to come.

Second Lieutenant Vernell McDonald explained that, “…We give these Cadets these briefs to let them know what species and diseases are prevalent to Fort Knox.”

He went on to explain that over one thousand ticks have already been collected off Cadets.

Most of the Cadets will at least have a deployment to ‘Atropia’, where they will be staying out in the woods for five to seven days. Learning how to prepare for a foreign environment is vital and safety precautions are not taken likely by the commanders at Fort Knox. Each unit is made up of an individual who plays a specific role. If one fails, the rest suffer. It is for this reason that field craft is both taught and taken seriously.

Cadets learn about field craft on July 16, 2017, at Fort Knox, Ky. (Photo by Savoury Jacobson.)

Cadet Summer Training will bring around 8,200 Cadets through Basic and Advanced Camp this summer on Fort Knox. These camps are designed to help challenge, grow and improve various skills and leadership qualities within the Cadets. If you think you have what it takes to be a Cadet or if you are interested in a job after college click the following link: