FORT KNOX, Ky. – 8th Regiment, Basic Camp Cadets rotate through more than 20 tents set up at Keyes Park August 9.  In each tent, Cadets are briefed on a specific branch the Army has to offer.  From military intelligence to air defense artillery to the Nurse Corps, the choices and opportunities for the Cadets are wide-ranging. 

Of the 18 branches showcased, three received the biggest draws: armor, aviation and infantry.

Master Sgt. Alicea explains the function of the field artillery branch to the Cadets of 8th Regiment, Basic Camp at Fort Knox, Ky. August 9. Photo by Sade’ Wilson

With her eyes set on commissioning as an infantry officer upon graduation from the University of Oklahoma, Cadet Annie Ryan said her decision to pursue infantry was made when she discovered that she wants to continue to pioneer the integration process of women playing larger roles in combat arms.    

“Part of it for me was wanting to go out and actually do the stuff that we see that they’re doing and be a part of it and have an impact,” Ryan shared.

For Cadet Savannah Jacobs of Baylor University, it runs in the family.  

“My father is in infantry and I hang around a lot of infantrymen, so being around them is just what I want to do.  I want to be with these men and I want to lead them,” Jacobs expressed.

Infantry, along with armor and aviation, are highly competitive branches in the Army.  

Along with the many challenges that come with college life and ROTC, Cadets Ryan and Jacobs know that tomorrow’s leadership is dependent on today’s pioneers.

“I think it’s hard, but for us, we have three years until we commission and we have three years to build ourselves and push ourselves to get to that point,” Ryan shared.

Cadet Summer Training will bring 8,200 Cadets through Basic and Advanced Camp this summer on Fort Knox. These camps are designed to help challenge, grow and improve various skills and leadership qualities within the Cadets. If you think you have what it takes to be a Cadet or if you are interested in a job after college, click the following link: