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1st Regiment Advanced Camp Cadet navigates through an obstacle with his team. June 8, 2018. Fort Knox, KY. Photo by AJ Barnes.

Fort Knox, Ky.- Cadets from the 1stRegiment Advanced Camp’s Alpha and Bravo Companies tackled the Field Leadership Reaction Course (FLRC) for twelve hours yesterday as part of their first week of training exercises.

As the first group to go through the FLRC, these Cadet’s set out to prove their capabilities as leaders by going beyond their comfort zones. Navigating both the Black and Gold courses, Squads set out to conquer the mental and physical challenges placed before them.

Austin Campbell from Texas A&M University was one cadet who understood the difficulties of being successful on leading a squad through the course and applying what he learns into real life situations.

“We’re here for just a few days with a mix of people from across the country and we’re told to get together and make something happen,” said Campbell. “All these courses help with building up team cohesion and understanding who’s good at what and building leader confidence in general.”

Cadet Austin Campbell from Texas A&M University leads his squad through a difficult obstacle. . June 8, 2018. Fort Knox, KY. Photo by AJ Barnes.

The FLRC’s many different obstacles give cadets the opportunity to use problem solving skills to get through difficult situations. As a squad, going through the obstacles requires trust in each other and the confidence to figure out a solution.

“Even if you may not have the best plan you stick with it and you’re able to adapt with that confidence as well,” said Campbell. “You can’t be overconfident and stick with a plan that’s not working but be confident in your abilities, your squad, and with your plan in general.”

Teams navigate each of the twelve obstacles on the two courses with increasing intensity; the higher the number the more difficult completing the obstacle becomes. Teams must navigate the obstacles in a twenty-five-minute time frame with limited resources; relying heavily on each other is key.

Another Cadet whose leadership was tested as a squad leader was Donald Loving from Louisiana State University. He understood that every situation was different and that a combination of brains and brawn would get his squad through the obstacles.

“The time hacks are a little less than we would like, but the consensus is that we’re getting a lot of good leadership out of this,” said Loving. “This showed me today that I could delegate a little more instead of trying to be hyperactive.”

Cadet Donald Loving from Louisiana State University had his squad show off their agility and knot-tying abilities as they maneuvered through an obstacle. June 8, 2018. Fort Knox, KY. Photo by AJ Barnes.

Coming together as a squad is never easy, so the FLRC provides them with their first opportunity to trust in and bond with one another. The FLRC lays the foundation for teamwork and leadership needed for the remainder of Advanced Camp and upon completion of the obstacles individuals should come out with an appreciation for strengths and weaknesses and put their knowledge to work.