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Fort Knox, Ky.- Confidence is defined as “The feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust.”. Confidence is one of the biggest goals when coming to camp. Confidence brings out the best leaders and thats what the Army intends to make.

Cadets from 5th Regiment, Advanced Camp climbing down the net at the Confidence Course June 29. Photo By: Amanda Surmeier

Today 5th Regiment, Advanced Camp took on the infamous Confidence Course. The Confidence Course has 8 different stations that Cadets must maneuver through. One station that has been named the “Tough One” is easily the hardest task given to Cadets throughout the course. Cadets must start with climbing up a rope, then walking across 8 wooden logs to climb up more wooden logs, then flip their bodies over those logs to then climb down a net. The other 7 tasks involve a multitude of things, including crawling on your back in sand, and are still challenging and take quite a bit of strength to get through. This course is definitely no walk in the park.

“ It’s all in the name, its’s the confidence course, to give them the confidence that they can attack any obstacle and overcome’, said Capt. Nathan Tate.

The confidence course is used to create self-assurance and teamwork with the Cadets. They go through the course in small groups, and throughout each task you can hear teammates cheering each other on and yelling out loads of encouragement. Motivation seems to be the most effective tool throughout the course. The Confidence course is also a way for Cadets to get out of their comfort zones and push themselves to do things that, otherwise they wouldn’t.

Cadets from 5th Regiment, Advanced Camp attempt to climb the rope at the Confidence Course June 29. Photo By: Amanda Surmeier

Cadets are typically not as afraid to do this course because most of them conquer the Rappel tower before tackling the Confidence Course. “I had to get over my fear of heights at the rappel tower, so when I got to the confidence course, I was fine”, said Cadet Noah Garcia of The University of Cincinnati.

These Cadets go through each station throughout the course with a speediness that is unheard of. They are very dedicated to this process and are moving right along to their next phase within camp. 5th Regiment, Advanced Camp has success in the bag.

“You will get out of this, what you put into it “, said Tate.