Ft. Knox, KY- Smiles spread in waves as the Cadets of 6th Regiment, Advanced Camp marched their way to Waybur Theater to greet their families and friends.

Cadets of 6th Regiment, Advanced Camp wait for their family members to come out of Waybur theater. Photos by: Jakob Coombes

With their heads held high, and the happy dance seen throughout the formation, Cadets started to straighten out their uniforms and check their phones to see the time tick down to noon, the time that family members would be released to see them.

Just seconds before noon, Cadets were put into attention, sounded off with an almighty  ‘Train to lead’, and were immersed into the waves of family members looking for their Cadets.

A Cadet poses for a picture with his family. Photos by: Jakob Coombes

With tears and hugs filling the scenery, Cadets ran to their vehicles to start the highly awaited moment to get out of Ft. Knox and to explore the cities of Kentucky.

“I was talking to my family last night and they said we were going to do some random stuff. Anything is better than staying in the barracks,” expressed Cadet Cameron Maldonado, University of New Mexico. “Today feels glorious, I miss my family so much and I’m excited to see them.”

After 30 days of training, a Cadet is reunited with his loved one. Photos by: Jakob Coombes

Deshaun Johnson, Lincoln University explained how he couldn’t sleep last night due to the excitement over seeing his loved ones. “I’m too excited. I can’t wait to go out to Louisville with them, go to the mall and get some real food.”

Johnson and Maldonado jokingly added as they combed their hair with their fingers that they needed haircuts. As they exchanged friendly goodbyes, Cadets made sure to spend every second that they could with their families.

Last stop, graduation!