FORT KNOX, Ky. – Out of all the experiences Cadets have gone through while at Basic Camp, there is always one experience that a Cadet can’t wait to tell their family and friends about when they get the chance.

Saturday morning, Cadets from 7thRegiment, Basic Camp got that chance, as they were greeted by the familiar faces of family and friends outside of Waybur Theater for Family Day.

Cadet John Hupka, John Carroll University, poses for a photo with his family on Family Day, August 4, 2018. Photo by Michele Brisco

For Cadet John Hupka, John Carroll University, the gas chamber portion of his Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (CBRN) training was the first story he would tell his family.

“Just going through it [and] how painful it was,” Cadet Hupka explained, “but knowing that when it ended, you had a great story to tell.”

Cadet Anna-Elise Anderson, Georgetown University, shared stories of her own with her dad and uncle, who both have prior military service.

Cadet Anna-Elise Anderson, Georgetown University, receives a big hug from her father on Family Day, August 4, 2018. Photo by Michele Brisco

“I started Day Zero with zero knowledge and jumped right in,” Cadet Anderson revealed. “I think the [high ropes] confidence course…because I actually really enjoyed that one when I wasn’t expecting to.”

Cadet Anderson’s father, John Anderson, reminisced about the career path Cadet Anderson originally wanted to take.

“This is a little girl who said in the past she always wanted to be a librarian,” John Anderson continued, “[but] she is doing well and I’m very proud of her and happy she chose to serve her country.”

Instead of a favorite training exercise, Cadet Destiny Rosario, University of Texas-Arlington, was excited to tell her family about a reward she received while being at Basic Camp.

After Cadet Aviles received a kiss from one of her family members, she couldn’t escape the cameras capturing the bright pink lipstick on her cheek on Family Day August 4, 2018. Photo by Michele Brisco

“Winning the individual Drill and Ceremony competition,” Cadet Rosario stated. “Getting first out of almost 150 Cadets was definitely a good experience.”

She actually could not wait until Family Day to tell them, and used one of her phone calls to celebrate the good news earlier in the week.

The good news for all the Cadets of 7thRegiment, Basic Camp is, camp is almost over. Onto Advanced Camp!