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Cadet Tristan M. Hussey, Howard University, pictured at US Army Airborne School in Fort Benning, GA.

Name: Tristan M. Hussey
School: Howard University
Hometown: Woodbridge, VA
Major: Bachelor of Arts Degree in Strategic, Legal, and Management Communication with a concentration in Legal Communications

What makes this Cadet stand out from their peers?

Cadet Hussey is currently an MSIII Cadet at Howard University majoring in Strategic, Legal, and Management Communication with a concentration in Legal Communications. During his sophomore year, he was selected as the Howard University Army ROTC Cadet of the Year, received the Superior Cadet Award, and successfully completed the US Army Airborne School during summer break on two weeks’ short notice. During his freshman year he became an active member of the Bison Battalion Color Guard, participating in 10 color guard events supporting both Howard University and the community.

Cadet Hussey volunteered over 50 hours towards recruiting and to his community in the 2017-2018 school year, he is always the first to volunteer himself in any capacity where he may serve to benefit his fellow Cadets or community. Cadet Hussey is always at the front of the line leading the Battalion by pushing fellow Cadets both mentally and physically. He consistently achieves an APFT score of 260 and always maintains a high state of physical fitness. He has served on the Ranger Challenge Team for two years, and will continue during his tenure at Howard University.

Cadet Tristan Hussey is recognized by Cadre and his peers as the epitome of a true Leader and an exemplary model of a stellar Cadet. He was selected to serve as a Company Commander for this year and aspires to serve as the Battalion Commander during his MS IV year. Cadet Hussey is fully committed to the ROTC program and passionate about commissioning as an Officer in today’s United States Army.

In the Cadet’s own words:

People always seem to find an inner motivation as to why the get up every morning and do what they do. For me, my inner motivation is that I have a basic grasp of what sacrifice is.  Since I have this basic understanding, it drives me to give one hundred and ten percent every time I put my mind to a task. I know that everything I do has a bigger picture attached to it, and that it will not just be for me but others in the present and future. This means if I do not give my all in the daily tasks I have, I will have set my fellow colleagues and subordinates up for failure. As someone who intends to be a future Army JAG Officer, I firmly believe that I must work hard each and every day for my clients, my Soldiers, and my students. These three groups of people are another reason why I get up every day and give my all. I want to give them the best service I can provide whether that be in the field of the law or the field of mentorship. They are the “fire” that stirs inside of me and the why for staying up late and working even when I do not want to. Eric Thomas, one of my favorite speakers said, “I can, I will, I must,” through knowing sacrifice and knowing who this is for I wake up every day repeating those phrases knowing that with this I can continue to do what I do.

ROTC Achievements & Awards:

  • Airborne School Graduate 2018
  • Ranger Challenge Team 2017 & 2018
  • Bison Battalion Color Guard
  • Superior Cadet Award 2018
  • Military Order of World Wars Silver Award 2018
  • 4.0 GPA in Military Science
  • Cadet Scholar Award 2018 for overall GPA of 3.24

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