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Cadet bryce Dively standing in front of the US and Wisconsin state flags.

“My development as a leader does not stop when I graduate ROTC and commission, it is just the beginning.”

Name: Bryce Dively
School: Marquette University
Hometown: Wasau, WI
Major: International Affairs

What makes this Cadet stand out from their peers?

As evidenced by his not only long but distinguished list of accolades, CDT Dively is an MS IV Cadet that embodies all the aspects we look for in our future Officers.  He not only exceeds at the highest levels individually, but he ensures his peers and subordinates are working toward success as well.

This past fall, the Battalion Operations Officer selected CDT Dively to be the officer-in-charge (OIC) for MS III Tactics at the Fall Field Training Exercise (FTX). Given the time span of daylight to dusk, CDT Dively successfully planned and executed five platoon mission training lanes; from the initial issuing of orders to completing After-Action-Reports (AARs) for the 35 Cadets that make up the MS III class. Both the Cadre and Cadets agreed that this was the best tactics training the battalion has received in recent years.

CDT Dively enjoys the challenges and learning involved in planning and executing training and events as a member of the battalion staff, as Platoon Sergeant, and as OIC. He works with Cadets in all MS levels on tasks, no matter how big or small, to ensure they not only succeed but understand the how’s and why’s about a particular task and what the importance is to them and the mission.

CDT Dively was hand selected by the PMS to serve as the Golden Eagle Battalion historian, a newly developed position which is as honorable as the history of the Marquette ROTC program itself, which continues to be infused into various aspects of all Cadet training. CDT Dively’s efforts will not only allow future Cadets, family members, and Marquette students, faculty, and staff to access this information, but it will showcase what the unit has accomplished in terms of providing the Army with quality leaders. CDT Dively’s impact at the Golden Eagle Battalion will continue for years to come through the performance of Cadets he has directly influenced and the high standards he set for them and himself.

In the Cadet’s Own Words:

There is no question that being a part of the Golden Eagle Battalion at Marquette University has opened the door to many tremendous opportunities. I was able to train with the Hungarian Defense Forces through CULP, go to Mountain Warfare school and SERE School.

Since the Golden Eagle Battalion has offered me so much in terms of development, it is now my turn to give back. The best way I can give back is by using my knowledge and expertise to develop the MSIs, MSIIs, and MSIIIs. I deem it as crucial to train the underclassmen to a higher standard in order to guarantee their success at Advanced Camp, as well as their military career. Too often, Cadets only look at their short-term goals of completing Advanced Camp and Commissioning – that is merely a start. I work hard every day as Platoon Sergeant to develop my Cadets to build a strong foundation for the rest of their careers in the military. The role of Platoon Sergeant, as well as the Cadet OIC for planning and execution of the MSIII Patrols at the Golden Eagle Battalion’s Fall FTX, has given me the opportunity to develop the underclassmen, as well as myself. I have learned more in my MSIV year than I have in any other year, due to the need for long range planning as well as more interaction with the underclassmen. My development as a leader does not stop when I graduate ROTC and commission, it is just the beginning.

Achievements & Awards:

  • SERE Level C-High Risk Graduate, 2018
  • Commandant’s List at the U.S. Army Basic Military Mountaineering Course, 2017
  • CULP to Hungary, 2016
  • Advanced Camp, Rated Outstanding and 3/38 in platoon, 2018
  • The Association of the United States Army Reserve Officer Training Corps Medal, 2018
  • Gold German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge, 2018
  • Bronze Norwegian Foot March Badge, 2018
  • Northern Warfare Challenge Team Captain, 2018
  • Dean’s List:  Spring 2016, Fall 2016, Spring 2017, Fall 2017, Spring 2018
  • 3.56 Cumulative GPA
  • 300 AFPT