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As Cadets begin to arrive for Cadet Summer Training at Fort Knox, Ky., the CST staff prepared for the summer by completing casualty evacuation, also known as CASEVAC, training, May 31, 2023.

The Tactical Operations Center personnel worked to coordinate amongst the various units and teams involved in the training.

“There were a few times it was hard to paint a clearer picture, but that’s understandable in a stressful situation like a CASEVAC,” said Sgt. 1st Class Jesse Kinder, a liaison officer from 2nd Battalion, 34th Armor Regiment, Fort Riley, Kansas. “I was confident with what we did that the potential casualties would have made it to their destination on time with no threat to their life or any additional injury.”

The training involved a simulated car accident with multiple simulated injuries, which required an ambulance and an airlift. This prepares the Cadre for what they will need to do if there is an emergency CASEVAC during the summer.

Sgt. 1st Class Jillian Raymond, Ben Bauknecht, and Lt. Col. Tobias Clark discuss operations during a training event at Fort Knox, Ky., May 31, 2023. The Training Operations Center personnel work to coordinate a CASEVAC, which helps CST staff prepare to respond to medical emergencies during Cadet Summer Training. | Erinn Finley, CST Public Affairs Office.

Ben Bauknecht is the CST TOC’s incident report manager and an instructor from Weber State University in Utah.

 “My role in the TOC, as an incident [report] manager, is taking that information and making sure it flows up through the channels and mainly [to] the command team,” Bauknecht said.

Bauknecht said the TOC is where they are mostly responsible for keeping people informed about what was happening during the training and provide any necessary support for those on the ground.

“Communication is the key to everything, “said Kinder.  

Kinder talks about how communication is transferred throughout the training exercise. He said it starts with the on-ground commander or the on-ground personnel who communicate with the TOC. After that, the personnel at the TOC will transmit that message to give their higher headquarters a clear picture of their units on the ground.

Sgt. 1st Class Jesse Kinder writes down information to help coordinate a training exercise at Fort Knox, Ky., May 31, 2023. Kinder works in the Tactical Operations Center and keeps track of units on the ground during a CASEVAC in preparation for Cadet Summer Training. | Erinn Finley, CST Public Affairs Office.

Bauknecht and Kinder agreed the training went well overall. Bauknecht said there were some minor issues identified during the training event.  

“We address these issues and…  the next rehearsal we’ll see at 1400 will incorporate some of those contingency plans,” Bauknecht said.

Kinder said this exercise helps prepare for the summer training and possible emergencies. He said the biggest concern during CST will be heat injuries, but with this training they are prepared to deal with those scenarios.

“[The training helps] to make sure these Cadets and Cadre can get the proper care they need in a timely manner,” Kinder said.