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  • FORT KNOX, Ky. – The 1st regiment of advanced camp Cadets arrived for registration on May 25 for Cadet Summer Training (CST) 2017. During registration, Cadets were required to go through their clothing, equipment and other items to ensure that they packed enough for the upcoming training. This is to, “make sure they have everything they’re required to have, because if you get out in the field and suddenly you don’t have a poncho and it’s raining twelve out of fourteen days, you’re going to miss it.” Said 2nd Lt. John Altman, a Cadre member who will be training Cadets during […]

  • FORT KNOX, Ky. – Cadet Summer Training kicked off May 25. 1st Regiment, Advanced Camp Cadets arrived for in-processing at Fort Knox, Ky. In 3rd Platoon, Alpha Company we met Cadet Jacob Cochran, Virginia Military Institute (VMI), from Medford, Oregon. When the Cadets start the check-in process, they dump out their bags. The cadre ensure that the Cadets do not have items; that are not allowed at camp. The cadre then have the Cadets pack it all back up and have them move into the barracks. We met up with Cochran to get his experiences with ROTC. Cochran is going into […]

  • Cadets from all over the country arrived at Fort Knox, Ky., on May 25 to start their first day of Advanced camp.   Upon arrival, Cadets must go through many tasks as part of their in-processing. Some tasks include thorough briefings, inventory of items that they should have and not have, receive barracks assignments, and height/weight check.   Height and Weight is a big part of the Cadet processing because commanders want to make sure their Cadets meet Army standards.   When the Cadets receive their barracks assignments they are to change into their Army shirt and running shorts. Once they […]

  • FORT KNOX, KY. – More than 600 Cadets received their equipment for Cadet Summer Training (CST) on May 26 at Central Issue Facility (CIF). “This is basic individual gear,” said Lt. Col. Thomas Haas of the Charlie Company Regiment. “From uniforms to their water source, it’s all basic stuff that the cadets will need on the field.” It was the Cadets’ first day of Cadet Summer Training, and they got the supplies that they will need during the summer. “The process of getting equipment was a lot easier and friendlier than past experiences for me at least,” said Cadet Austin Glang […]

  • FORT KNOX, Ky.—The Cadet Summer Training (CST) Medical Tactical Operations Center (MED TOC) team works hard seven days a week to ensure the safety of Cadets and Cadre during CST and prepare to address any emergency that might occur. “The purpose of the exercise was so that everyone could work on their communication for if something actually does happen. When we do exercises like this it helps us to find holes in the plans that we have and hopefully we can patch those up for when the real thing happens.” said Specialist Dwyer Henderson of the MED TOC team. The MED […]

  • FORT KNOX, Ky. – The 1st regiment Cadets arrived at the Copple Center on May 26 for in processing, paperwork and assignments for Cadet Summer Training (CST) 2017. “They go through a series of events where they’re getting their gear inspected, make sure they brought everything, getting their assignments for platoon and company they’re in, getting the stuff they need to live in the barracks, getting barracks assignments, mostly administrative.” Said Master Sgt. Randy Angel. Cadets in processing, while they waited outside, went through their Cadet handbook, highlighting and putting in sticky notes in the key pages for quick reference. Some […]

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