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Fort Knox, Ky. – When assessing simulated casualties, Cadet Summer Training Tactical Operations Center (CST TOC) is the first to get the call from medics on site.


CST TOC conducted a simulated medical evacuation May 23rd prior to Cadets arriving at Fort Knox, Ky., for their training.


“Now, we know more about all of our individual tasks, so we’re more focused and centered on knowing what we need to know depending on our jobs so we’re not crossing paths,” Said 2nd Lt. Krista Gatan, logistics liaison officer (LNO), CST TOC.

Cadet Summer Training 2nd Lt. Krista Gatan communicates with first responders during a medical evacuation routine on Fort Knox, Ky., May 23. Photo by Lindsey Crown


With this exercise CST TOC facilitated communication; there were three injuries, one gunshot wound and two heat casualties. With these injuries, the CST TOC coordinated with Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Range Control to ensure help was on site for those who were injured.


Four positions were key to getting information out to the field to the emergency responders. These included the battle captain, battle noncommissioned officer-in-charge (NCO), radio telephone operator (RTO) and the logistics LNO.


The battle captain, in charge of the whole operation, communicated regularly with his team to ensure they understood what was going on.


The RTO and battle NCO worked hand-in-hand and reported back to the battle captain as they monitored the activity on the site through radio and telephone communication.


The logistics LNO contacted the medics to ensure everyone was positioned so the operation ran smoothly. Gatan received names of the casualties and coordinated for additional care.


“[The exercise allowed us] to be competent and confident in our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in dealing with either mass casualties (MASCAL) or any kind of situation that would involve everyone in the CST world, not just the TOC, the outside sources, range control, civilians, all that,” said Sgt. Dustin Ammons, CST TOC.

Cadet Summer Training Sgt. Dustin Ammons recieves information during a medical evacuation practice run on Fort Knox, Ky., May 23. Photo by Lindsey Crown


Although it was just a simulation, this exercise was designed to assist military personnel if this was to happen in the real world.


“We would not get information as fast [as the real world], exercises only go a lot easier than real life, we get information quicker because [we] would have people feeding the information. So it would be a lot different but we would handle it just as easy,” said Ammons.


With the simulation complete, the CST team is better prepared for a time in crisis.