To send mail to Cadets:


Cadets can receive mail and packages. There are restrictions as to what a Cadet can receive – no medications, adult materials, weapons/ammunition/knives, etc.

Cadets will spend quite a bit of time in the field after their first 10 days here at Ft. Knox and they may not get mail delivered the same day it arrives, so perishable food items should be kept at a minimum and should be able to last for some time.

Please do not send cash through the mail. Cadets will have access to an ATM machine at different periods during the training cycle, so if your Cadet needs money, the best way is to put it into an account that your Cadet can access through the ATM here at Ft. Knox.

Please address mail to:


Cadet (Last Name, First Name, MI)
Advanced Camp or Basic Camp – indicate which
1st Regiment, XX Company, XX Platoon – specify the regiment and the company and platoon if known
24 Rhineland Street
Fort Knox, KY 40121-5117 *

The respective regiment, company, and platoon designator. If you don’t know this, just leave it blank.