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Fort Knox, Ky.— Before the Cadets can begin training, they first need to in-process and check their equipment. This process occurs during Reception and Integration, a step-by-step system that takes place the moment the Cadets step off the buses.

At Reception and Integration, the Cadets will check in, filling out paperwork, health questionnaires, and receiving their mail cards. Then they will move on to shake down their equipment and make sure they have everything they need to be fully prepared in the field. Cadets also meet the rest of their platoon and fellow teammates that they will be working alongside at Fort Knox.

Cadre guide 1st Regiment Cadets upon arrival during Reception and Integration on May 25th at Fort Knox, Ky. (Photo taken by Savoury Jacobson.)

Cadets also receive counseling at Reception and Integration, where they are told the expectations of the training, the rules they will need to follow, and also meet with a Chaplain. Once complete with Reception and Integration, the Cadets will be prepared to enter the training the field.

Capt. Jeremy Scanlon, Florida State University, will be leading the training of Advanced Camp First Regiment Charlie Company, and says the skills they acquire during Advanced Camp will guide the Cadets in future leadership roles.

“Advanced Camp prepares our future leaders, ensuring they have the skills and tools necessary to become second lieutenants in the Army,” said Scanlon. “They will take the skills that they have learned throughout their Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) career and Advanced Camp and apply them as leader trainers for the future ROTC classes coming through.”

1st Regiment Cadet Herzog from Michigan Tech waits in line to be processed by cadre during Reception and Integration at Fort Knox, Ky. (Photo taken by Savoury Jacobson.)

Cadet Jacob Herzog, student at Michigan Technological University, and native of Hudsonville Michigan, went through Reception and Integration upon arrival at Fort Knox.

“We’re making sure we have all of the equipment we need to have a successful time here at camp,” said Herzog. “I’m excited for the experience and all the people I am going to meet, I’m ready to get going.”

Cadet Jonathan Wagner, student at University of Wisconsin Madison, and native of Batavia, Illinois, prepared for training at Reception and Integration.

“We’re getting acquainted, getting the low-down of what to expect this summer, getting all of our equipment situated with our units so we can be ready to go,” said Wagner.

Like the rest of the Cadets in processing, Wagner was expected to inspect his equipment carefully.

“I think it is important to check over all of our equipment because we need to make sure everyone is prepared, especially for inclement weather, where someone could get sick or hurt. There are crucial things you need to have to even complete the mission.”

The Cadets will end Reception and Integration after receiving room assignments for the evening, preparing for day one of their thirty-one days at Cadet Summer Training.