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FORT KNOX, Ky. – Cadet Summer Training (CST) cadre conducted a simulated medical evacuation training (MEDEVAC) at Fort Knox, Ky., May 23. A MEDEVAC is an evacuation of causalities with the assistance of medical personel.

Sgt. Clifford Ivey played the role of an unrestrained passenger during a car accident simulation May 22 at Fort Knox, Ky. (Photo by Amber Vincent)

This situation was a vehicle rollover with 10 casualties, mostly minor injuries, fractured forearms, lacerations and able to walk and communicate with the medical team.

Most of the percipients are medical personal or have had training.

“Your first response when it comes to any kind of injuries is to help those around you. It’s hard to see myself in a selfish role, but there are people out there who are have different personalities,” stated Sgt. Clifford Ivey, health care specialist, 546th Area Support Medical Company, from Paris, Texas.

Communication and resources were put to the test for this operation. The military had to be able to communicate with the civilian EMS members. Also the military medics needed to communicate back to their headquarters for their more serious causalities.

Pvt. Nicholas Van-Cura is fitted with a neck brace during a simulated car accident May 22 at Fort Knox, Ky. (Photo by Amber Vincent)

“These exercises really test our resources and our capability,” said Maj. Christopher Kenny, physician, Fort Hood, Texas. “This is great practice and training for us, especially for the communication and resource people.”

Immense planning and coordinating went into this exercise to safeguard a smooth training. Not only did Capt. Allen Davis Clarkson University, future assistant officer for Cadet Summer Training (CST), from Cascade Colorado and others have to plan the simulation in advance; they also had to coordinate with civilian emergency medical services (EMS).

“Exercise like these and us working with the EMS and fire, it’s all about ensuring that readiness is maintained and readiness is preserved,” explained Davis

Medics assess two role players injuries during a car accident simulation May 22 at Fort Knox, Ky. (Photo by Amber Vincent)

This MEDEVAC was designed to ensure the safety of Cadets and cadre during summer training and of military members in combat zones according to Captain Allen Davis

“CST it’s not only the readiness for the future Army officers but for the cadre and the organization as a whole,” said Davis.

These training exercises benefit the Cadets, the cadre, and leadership by preparing them to rely on each other in a training environment or a combat zone.