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Fort Knox, Ky.— First Regiment Advanced Camp and Basic Camp Cadets must complete in processing before Cadet Summer Training (CST) can begin.

While at in processing, the Cadets took the time to make sure they had everything necessary in order to have a successful thirty-one days. Cadets not only made sure their travel orders and financial documents were secured, but they also did group exercises to make sure they were prepared physically and mentally as well while they waited.

Waiting in line, Cadets stand with completed paperwork during in-processing at the Copple Center at Fort Knox, Ky, on May 26th. (Photo By Savoury Jacobson.)

Cadet John Calatrello, 1st Regiment Advanced Camp, student at University of Alabama, native of Athens, Alabama, has been preparing for summer training over the course of the school year.

“Our class in general has focused on operations, analyzing how a squad operates and all of the moving parts within a platoon, and how to operate as one,” said Calatrello.

Calatrello says that he feels most confident about his leadership skills going into training.

“There is a wide variety of Cadets in our program, and I feel very confident leading a wide variety of Soldiers,” said Calatrello. “You want to be the leader you would like to see in front of you.”

While at CST, Cadets will be challenged both mentally and physically during different field exercises.

“Land Navigation is difficult, especially because I have never encountered this course,” said Calatrello. “I have heard the Confidence Course is really fun, and I’m also looking forward to all the exposure of the different branches within the Army.”

Cadets ask and answer questions during in-processing at the Copple Center at Fort Knox, Ky, on May 26th. (Photo By Savoury Jacobson.)

Cadet Scott Sanchez, Basic Camp, student at California State University Fullerton, native of Garden Grove, California, is new to the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC), and has been preparing for CST as well.

“I joined ROTC this last semester and I have tried to learn as much as possible, I’ve asked as many questions as I could, and went to Cadets who have been here at training before,” said Sanchez. “The mental and physical preparation is the most important.”

Sanchez expects a great deal of personal and physical growth to develop through CST this summer.

“I’m nervous for the ruck marching if there is any of it,” said Sanchez. “I’m looking forward to growing as an adult and a better soldier. Leadership means not only setting the example, but also being the example. Being the first one in, and not expecting your Soldiers to do something you are not willing to.”

Cadets continue to arrive at Fort Knox and in processing almost daily, a sign that Cadet Summer Training is in full swing.