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Day three of the Advanced Camp and Cadets are learning to be a team at the Field Leadership Reaction Course (FLRC) site in Fort Knox, Ky.


“This is one of the first events the Cadets will have their whole time here, so it’s to build team and make camaraderie and leadership,” said Staff Sgt. John Gustafson, Ft. Knox, Ky.


There are 12 obstacles; with each obstacle there is a different challenge, the higher the number, the tougher the challenge.

Cadets transport an ammunition box at the FLRC Course on Ft. Knox, Ky. Saturday May 27


On this field site, there are two of the same courses with two different names, side “Black” and side “Gold”. There are nine Cadets per obstacle, within those nine, one of them is the Squad Leader. The Squad Leader is the Cadet in-charge of the team and is responsible for the team completing the obstacle. The Squad Leader reports to the Cadre who evaluate the Cadets as they complete the obstacle. Once the Cadets complete the obstacle the Cadre member critiques the Cadets on what they did well and what they need to improve.  Upon completion of the evaluation the team moves on to the next obstacle.


“Whoever is placed in charge needs to try to be in charge as much as possible, I know this is the first day you’ve been trained together so there would be a lot of opinions, but whoever is in charge needs to try and stay in charge,” said Gustafson.


To successfully complete each obstacle, all nine Cadets must finish each obstacle within the 25 minute timeframe.


With the obstacle there are different objectives to keep in mind in order to complete. For example each Cadet has to know that the ground below them is water and they have to figure out a way to transport the important objects to the other side. If one Cadet messes up and touches the ground, that Cadet has to start over.


Each group is given minimum resources therefore they need to work as a team.


“It’s good, it’s definitely starting to ramp up, starting to do more, starting to stay out later. I figure in about two weeks we’ll be pretty exhausted and tired but it’s been good so far and I anticipate it to get better,” said Cadet Ian Frais, Coast of Carolina University, Fort Mill S. Carolina.

Cadet Smith and Cadet Spero being safety guards for the next Cadets in Fort Knox, Ky. May 27


Being a team takes time, but it’s up to the Cadets to make sure they do what they’re supposed to in order to succeed. This is the first step to the Cadets becoming a team and with the FLRC they will be a team for the remainder of Advanced Camp.