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FORT KNOX, Ky. – Day four of Cadet Summer Training Basic Camp Cadets are taught Drill and Ceremony. They start with the basics in how to create a formation and call cadence in unison.


There are different forms of formation, with and without their rifles. There is close interval, squad column, and column of twos. Each cadet has space in between them and has to be arms length apart.


For the first day of Drill and Ceremony (D&C), Cadets are taught without the rifle.


“We briefly touch on the basics. We do facing movements, we do some marching, and in ranks inspections. Facing movements are your basic left-right face, your About face, half-left face,” said Cadet Micah Grisamore, Military Science III mentor.

Cadet Micah Grisamore, MSIII, talking about the importance of Drill and Ceremony.
Photo by Lindsey Crown


With this training, it will help Cadets know discipline, especially when Drill Sergeants want to hear cadence calls.


Prior to D&C, each company has a briefing about hygiene. Drill Sergeants separate the genders so each Cadet is comfortable.


After the briefing, a Cadet leads the group before reporting to the Drill Sergeant once reported, Cadets are asked if they have their canteen, if not, they are told to get it. Because Cadets are in the heat for many hours, the Sgts. Stress the importance of hydration.


There were two company’s that were outside, “Alpha Company” and “Bravo Company”. Within each company there were platoon groups of Cadets. Each platoon had to come up with a platoon motto. Each call is to boost morale, so Cadets can march with discipline.

Cadets being mentored by MSIII on what to do during Drill and Ceremony
Photo by Lindsey Crown


Cadets are taught D&C for a couple of hours over a course of a couple of days. They are taught how to pivot their foot when going right and left.


“The big part [of the D&C] is to get them in formation so they will have accountability, because accountability is very important. That way you know how many bodies you have moving from point to point,” said Sgt. 1st Class Lee Weber.


Drill and Ceremony is vital to Cadets’ lives during Basic Camp, without the proper techniques of D&C the Cadets would not know an important part of being a Soldier.