FORT KNOX, Ky.—Basic Camp and Advanced Camp are Cadet Summer Training (CST) programs at Fort Knox designed to instill leadership qualities in all of the Cadets that go though them. As Cadets began arriving for in-processing of Basic Camp, they shared their excitements for the summer as well as their view on what leadership means to them.

In-processing is the first step in these Cadets’ journeys to becoming better leaders. Here the incoming Cadets are being checked to make sure that their travel to and from is taken care of as well as having all of their entry paperwork taken care of.

Cadet Marisa Gutierrez instructs a group of incoming 1st regiment Basic Camp cadets

“It is not a thing of force to lead people, but people do whatever it is out of respect for you as a leader. They trust you and you trust them.” said MS3 Cadet Jacob Martin, Colorado State University.

One of the main goals of CST is to embody these leadership qualities and produce them as “Leadership Excellence” as the patches on the arms of uniforms of Cadets and Cadre display.

“Leadership is the art of getting somebody to do something without being overbearing. That’s what leadership is.” said Chris Neuhard, a retired Staff sgt. He has been assisting with Cadet Command for 15 years.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a leader as a guide or someone that directs a group.

“Leadership to me is the opportunity to help develop younger leaders into officers. That’s what I’m doing here at Cadet Command. Leadership is the opportunity to help develop younger soldiers in to leaders and mentors.” said MS5 Cadet Micah Grisamore, University of Missouri.

Cadet Micah Grisamore, University of Missouri, leads the 1st regiment of incoming Basic Camp Cadets

CST will bring 8,200 Cadets through Basic and Advanced Camp regiments this summer on Fort Knox. The camps are designed to help grow and improve various skills and leadership qualities within the Cadets. Each regiment will attend camp for 31 days followed by a graduation ceremony. The CST team will be working hard to ensure that cadets are thoroughly trained and receive full evaluations by the end of their training.