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FORT KNOX, Ky. – 1st Regiment Advanced Camp enter their first day of Field Training Exercise June 10 at Fort Knox.

“This training is the first day of our Field Training Exercise 1 and that really brings all of the elements together that we have been learning so far; so all of the patrolling, tactics and just the different individual skills of learning navigation,” Cadet Ben Ziegler, Northern Illinois University, of Genoa, Ill.

Cadets on team Ariana march during a training excercise on Ft. Knox, KY Saturday June 10. Photo by Lindsey Crown

Cadre created a mock village; within this village there are Cadre who are roleplaying as villagers. Each day Cadets are training they are given different scenarios and it’s the Cadets job to stick to the scenario.

Because the Cadre were the villagers, Cadets had to play the role of the opposing force (Ariana Forces) while wearing black shirts. The US Forces had to wear their regular attire, which are their uniforms.

Prior to battlefield training Cadets were briefed on what their mission was. With the mission, Squad Leaders and Platoon Leaders came together to make a plan; once that was made, they briefed the Cadets what they had to do.

“The Ariana Forces came in and just observed the town seeing if any US Forces had came in, what their elements were composed of, if they had any weapons and they asked what did we need for the village. So it was really small talk, it was pretty much a introduction, they were trying to introduce themselves,” Staff Sgt. Brian Suniga, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii.

A Cadre member gives direction to Cadets on team Ariana during a training excercise on Ft. Knox, KY Saturday June 10. Photo by Lindsey Crown

Once they introduced themselves and spoke of boundaries, Cadets had to patrol the area.

Once they returned, they completed the mission. The Lt. Colonel and other Cadre did their after-action review. In this briefing, they briefed the Cadets on what they did wrong and what to change when they complete another mission.

After the briefing, Cadets needed to go past the wood-line to create a patrol base. In this base, there are Cadets who are securing the area. The leaders of the group did a briefing on what they should do before the Captain gives a Fragmentary order for their next mission.

Although it was their first mission, they successfully completed their mission as a team with good communication.