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FORT KNOX, Ky. – Third Regiment Advanced Camp test their Map Reading skills with a written exam June 13.

Each Cadet received a Military Map, protractor, string and written test. This test was pass-fail; Cadets need to pass the test in order to pass the camp.

Cadets enter a tent to take their map reading exam on Ft. Knox, KY Tuesday, June 13. Photo by Lindsey Crown

“Today we took a written Land Navigation test, so its all about our ability to read a map. Including intersection, resection, finding where you are, finding where other things are, identifying terrain features on a map and plotting distance,” said Cadet Rebecca Dykhoph, College of St. Benedict and Saint John’s University, Maple Grove, Minn.

Prior to taking this test, Cadets were trained on what the military map would look like. There are colors that indicate different things. For example, Black indicates man-made objects such as railroads and Blue indicates water.

When reading a map, Cadets need to keep military symbols in mind. Each symbol has a color that indicates which forces are nearby. Blue are friendly forces whereas red are the enemy forces.

A Cadet uses a protractor during his map reading exam on Ft. Knox, KY Tuesday, June 13. Photo by Lindsey Crown

Cadets need to measure in degrees using the contractor, north is zero degrees, 90 degrees east, south 180 degrees and 270 degrees west. Using Azimuth allows Cadets to pinpoint their direction.

“The test is designed around making sure we know where we are or how to get where we’re trying to go. So it’s about identifying where we are on a map, where something is on a map, how we get there, how we know what it is, where it is and how to find it quickly and efficiently,” said Cadet Craig Neal, Liberty University, Little Canada, Minn.

Knowing how to read maps is vital when put in difficult situations without technology.