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FORT KNOX, Ky. – Alpha Company of the 2nd Regiment Basic Camp completes the Army Physical Fitness Test early morning, June 17 in Fort Knox, Ky.

Part of APFT is to complete two minutes of pushups, sit-ups and end with two-mile run.

Cadets of 2nd Regiment Basic Camp run during their Army Physical Fitness Test at Ft. Knox, Ky., June 17. Photo by Lindsey Crown

Each gender has a minimum and maximum amount of pushups and sit-ups Cadets have to complete. It’s up to the Cadet how many they would like to complete before two minutes is up. Each Cadet receives points for every pushup or sit-up they complete.

As Lt. Col. Elvis Coronado noticed each Cadet struggling he would motivate them to finish.

For males, the minimum requirement for pushups is 42 whereas females are 19. Each gender needs to complete 53 sit-ups; for the two-mile run the time differs. For males, they need to finish in 15 minutes, 54 seconds and females need to finish in 18 minutes 54 seconds.

Cadet Tyler Pfannenstiel, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, Colo., was able to finish his run in 13minutes 35 seconds.

In order to pass PT of their Basic Camp, Cadets need to score at least 60 points in every event.

“The purpose of pushups and sit-ups is to maximize arm strength and core strength,” said Cadet Anna Dawson, University of Rhode Island, R.I.

Cadre members coach Cadets of 2nd Regiment Basic Camp through sit ups during their Army Physical Fitness Test at Ft. Knox, Ky., June 17. Photo by Lindsey Crown

Cadre separates Cadets into groups so they can complete the exercises. Cadre standby to keep count and correct Cadets if their form is wrong. Once corrected, Cadets will take a short break and repeat the event.

After their two-mile run, Cadets come as a group and finish with stretching.

These exercises are to push the Cadets to learn the importance of pacing themselves through the hard times.

Cadet Easton Skinner, Hocking University, Toledo, Ohio, summed up the APFT saying, “You have to keep pushing, it’s mind over matter really.”