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FORT KNOX, Ky. – Cadets of 3rd Regiment Advanced Camp practices Situational Training Exercises in prep for their Field Training Exercise June 18 at Fort Knox, Ky.

During STX Cadets are given different situations to act upon. One of the situations is mock raid on the nearby village because of the intel received.

Cadet of 3rd Regiment Advanced Camp taking cover during their Situational Training Exercise (STX)
Photo by Nia Fields

Each situation was simply a simulation of what Soldiers go through when deployed.

“We were area reconnaissance it to see what type of person we were looking for, a specific type of personnel. This guy named Abdul Whali, we were looking to find him on this objective and we were reconing in the woods to see if we could find anything that we saw, like him on the objective or any intel that we had,” said Cadet Luke Cuneo, Boston, Mass.

With their mock raid, they were not be spotted by the enemy. Because of lack of communication, they were spotted.

“We’re still learning how to get along, like work with each other as a platoon because we are from different sorts of trainings. It takes time to integrate our different schools teachings regarding different tactics, types and styles. We’re lacking some balance of action and having some trouble with communication,” said Cadet Rebecca Dykhoph, Maple Grove, Minn.

Cadets of 3rd Regiment Advanced Camp tend to casualties during their Situational Training Exercise (STX).
Photo by Nia Fields

Although this was a simulation, it felt real. When spotted by the enemy, Cadets dealt with mock casualties and practiced the importance of securing the border of the village for more enemies. During their mock raid, Cadets were able to successfully destroy the enemy.

Cadets were able to use Cadre’s help during STX, but they will not be able to use Cadre during the FTX; STX is practice before the test of the FTX.

“The purpose of this exercise was to walk the Cadets through how to run a raid as well as a RECON. So it’s a specific type of patrol that they are going to have to do during their FTX, which they are starting next week. So this was to get them accustomed to the planning and execution processes of running those types of missions,” said 2nd Lt. Travis Kurtz, Fort Knox, Ky.

Cadets have one more day of STX; once finished they are able to do the FTX. With the training they received it’ll allow them to successfully take cover from the enemy.