FORT KNOX, Ky.- Day 22, Basic Camp 2nd Regiment Cadets tracked through the Field Training Exercise lanes, June 22, to learn the foundation of combat tactics, for the annual Cadet Summer Training at Fort Knox, Ky.

A Cadet, the selected squad leader for the begining of the exercise, makes prepartions with her map during a run of a Field Training Exercise (FTX) Lane. June 22, Fort Knox, Ky. (Photo by Amber Vincent)

FTX lanes help the Cadets set up Objective Rally Points (ORP), different types of missions, patrol bases and focuses on the tactical part of the mission. Cadets first spend a few nights in Tent City where they learn the different types of ambushes they will be conducting and they get an overview of what they will be doing in the field.

“We learn about the ambushes and Troop Leading Procedures while we are in Tent City,” said Cadet Dan Rieck, University of Iowa, Honey Creek, Iowa. “Then we put what we learned to the test in the FTX lanes.”

Each company goes to different lanes and they execute two missions; primary mission and then a follow up.

“The missions are learning experiences, they kind of help you become better so that when you go back to your battalion you are able to use those skills you learned,” said Cadet Gabrielle Falletta, University of Buffalo, Ambridge, N.Y.

“After every mission we do a After Action Report. We go over what went wrong and what the team can do better next time in the follow up mission,” said Rieck.

Cadets from the 2nd Regiment of Basic Camp receive instructions from 2nd Lt. David Spangler on how their Field Traning Exercise (FTX) Lane will be ran and how they need to prepare to run the lane. June 22, Fort Knox, Ky. (Photo by Amber Vincent)

Communication is a major skill to have in the FTX lanes, Cadets are forced to work on their communication skills so they don’t blow their cover and fail the mission.

“Communication just isn’t about leadership, its about ensuring that the lowest guy knows that you don’t have to be team leader to let everyone know what is going on,” said Rieck.

“I’m confident on certain things but when it comes to commanding and getting people to do the things I ask them to do, is something I can work on,” said Falletta

Cadet Summer Training ensures the Cadets are confident in themselves, their equipment and in their instructors. CST is building the future Army leaders of America.

“It teaches us how to stay cool, calm, collected. The Army doesn’t set you up for failure,” said Falletta.

Cadet Summer Training will bring 8,200 Cadets through Basic and Advanced Camp this summer on Fort Knox. These camps are designed to help challenge, grow and improve various skills and leadership qualities within the Cadets. If you think you have what it takes to be a Cadet or if you are interested in a job after college, click the following link: