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By: Savoury Jacobson.

FORT KNOX, KY. –On June 25, 2017, 1 Regiment, Advanced Camp Cadets officially graduated in Fort Knox, Ky, after successfully going through Cadet Summer Training (CST).

Advanced Camp, 1 Regiment Graduation commences at Fort Knox on June 25, 2017. (Photo by Savoury Jacobson.)

A wide variety of attitudes and determinations arrived thirty-one days ago at the program. Many viewed the training as an opportunity to advance their future careers in the military. Some just wanted the experience. By the end of the training, units within the regiment would see themselves as a cohesive, well-trained group ready to meet the world.

The graduation focused on the past and present legacy of leadership the regiment represented. Veterans, high-ranking military personnel, and important players in the community all attended the event, along with proud family members of the Cadets.

The Cadet Creed was read in front of a hushed audience,

“I am an Army Cadet. Soon I will take an oath to become an Army Officer committed to defending the values which make this Nation great. Honor is my touchstone. I understand mission first and people always. I am the past: the spirit of those warriors who have made the final sacrifice. I am the present: the scholar and apprentice Soldier enhancing my skills in the science of warfare and the art of leadership. But above all, I am the future: the future Warrior leader of the United States Army. May God give me the compassion and judgment to lead and the gallantry in battle to win. I will do my duty.”

Regimental Awardees stand at attention during the 1 Regimental Graduation Ceremony. (Photo by Savoury Jacobson.)

A presentation of awards followed for a few Cadets who had surpassed and succeeded during Advanced Camp. AUSA Warrior Ethos Award was presented to Cadet Adam M. Millspaw of Gannon University. Military Order of World Wars Award was presented to Cadet Sabrina N. Lux of the University of Evansville. Military Officers Association of America Award was given to Cadet Jordan Donnelson of Pittsburg State University. USAA Warrior Spirit Award went to Cadet Kenneth D. Mccoy from University of Alaska Anchorage. Armed Forces Bank Award went to Cadet Damion C. Baker of Pacific Lutheran University. ApexTech Warrior Award went to Cadet Kurt C. Frimel of Cornell University. Reserve Officers Association Award went to Cadet Reed A. Johnson of University of North Georgia. National Guard Association of the United States Award went to Cadet Charles A. Mcauley of Norwich University. Bold Leader Spirit Award (presented by Radcliff/Fort Knox Tourism Commission) went to Cadet Steven J. Dinverno. First Command Financial Services Award went to Cadet Corbin G. Heard. Armed Forces Services Corporation Award went to Cadet Michael J. Orgeron. Norton Healthcare Award went to recipient Cadet Ryan B. Castano. And the Graduation Certificate and Ribbon for successful completion of Advanced Camp was given to all remaining Cadets.

Colonel Oskey, 1 Regimental TAC Officer, gives his address to 1 Regiment, Advanced Camp Graduates. (Photo by Savoury Jacobson.)

According to the United States Army Cadet Command, for over twenty-five years, Army Cadet Command has produced more than two-thirds of the second lieutenants for the active Army, the Army National Guard, and the U.S. Army Reserve. More than two-thirds of the current active duty Army General Officers were commissioned through ROTC. Army ROTC trained and educated officers bring a hybrid vigor to our officer corps by drawing on the strength and variety of our social fabric. Cadet Command accomplishes this by combining the character building aspects of diverse, self-disciplined civilian education with tough, centralized leader development training. This process forges a broad-gauged officer who manifests the strength and diversity of the society from which he or she is drawn, as well as the quality of strong officer leadership.

In the Reviewing Officer’s Address, Colonel Oskey,1 Regimental TAC Officer, said that, “If I had to suggest a theme for this year’s camp…to the Cadets…it would be harder, faster, stronger.”

The colors are brought forward during 2017 Advanced Camp, 1 Regimental Graduation. (Photo by Savoury Jacobson.)

Without doubt, Cadets gained a broader understanding of leadership during Advanced Camp. They will now go on to change their communities and subsequently the world, both while overseas and at home. Major General Hughes encouraged the Cadets not to loose their sense of morality and commitment learned while at CST. Do not loose what you have gained, Hughes advised. The statement was met with a resounding ‘hooah’, and Cadets were dismissed to go meet their families and the world waiting for them beyond.