By Lindsey Crown

FORT KNOX, Ky – “FLRC is all about team building,” said Staff Sergeant Steven Jordan, Fort Campbell.

Advanced Camp, 7th Regiment faced the Field Leadership Reaction Course.

Cadets of 7th Regiment, Advanced Camp transport a “casualty” across a medevac obstacle at the Field Leader Reaction Course on Fort Knox, Kentucky, July 3. Photo by Lindsey Crown

Cadre members brief the squad leader on what the mission is going to be, what safeties they have to go by and what kind of penalties they face, Jordan said.

They are allotted 25 minutes to complete each obstacle. Penalties are either a 15 second pause or the Cadet will “die” for the remainder of the obstacle.

“This is to get them to realize what kind of real situation they could end up in,” he said.

The obstacles help to build cohesion within the teams, Jordan said.

“You want everyone to work together so that way everything just goes smooth and there’s no hiccups,” he said.

Cadets of 7th Regiment, Advanced Camp work together on the FLRC course on Fort Knox, Kentucky, July 3. Photo by Lindsey Crown

It must be clear who’s in charge. The obstacle teaches everyone to listen to that person. They have to work as a team to get the mission done within the time restraint, Jordan said.

“It’s important because it allows us to work together,” said Cadet Levi Gervasi, Rowan University. “We get to learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and we actually learn more about ourselves as leaders.”