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By Lindsey Crown

FORT KNOX, Ky – Basic Camp, 6th Remint has arrived on Fort Knox. Cadets went through shake down and received in briefing immediately following arrival.

“The purpose of shakedown is to identify any contraband or confiscate any items that are prohibited,” said Sergeant First Class Steven Salvati.

Cadets from 6th Reginment, Basic Camp empty their bags during shakedown on Ft. Knox, Kentucky, July 2. Photo by Lindsey Crown

Prohibited items include blades that are longer than three inches, multi tools, food, supplements and medications that hasn’t been approved by the physician, he said.

“We usually take quite a few knives, every now and then we’ll get a k bar, a 6-8 inch blade,” Salvati said.

Confiscated food is discarded. Confiscated property of Cadets is held until the end of camp, he said.

This is many Cadets first experience with anything military. There are Cadets that decide Basic Camp just isn’t for them, who refuse to train and quit or are asked to leave within the first three days, he said.

Cadets from 6th Reginment, Basic Camp search their personal items with Cadre members during shakedown on Ft. Knox, Kentucky, July 2. Photo by Lindsey Crown

“Some of them are not properly prepared,” Salvati said.

Cadet Kevin Cushnie, Rutgers University, is excited to take on Basic Camp. He has no ROTC experience.

“I’m expecting a challenging experience that will possibly teach me discipline, and comradery with some of the other guys,” Cushnie said.

He decided to join because his sister was in the military.

Cadet Dominique Martinez, Truman State University, was also inspired by her family. She joined because her whole family is in the military, she said.

Martinez is excited to meet people from around the states, and learn from them, she said.