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By Lindsey Crown

FORT KNOX, Ky – Central Issuing Facility is the main issuing facility on post.

A Cadre member ensures that a Cadet from 6th Regiment, Basic Camp has all issued equipment at CIF on Ft. Knox, Kentucky, July 4. Photo by Lindsey Crown

This is where Cadets come to get any military equipment that a soldier needs for Cadet Summer Training; uniforms, combat gear, helmet, load bearing equipment, rucksack, any kind of assault packs, said 2nd Lieutenant Jeffrey Pendleton, Springfield, Ohio.

“Anything that the government issues or the military owns, the Cadets are going to come through here and grab,” Pendleton said.

Pendleton is with the Reception Company for Basic Camp.

They’ve work with 6th Regiment, Basic Camp since day zero. They get them situated with room assignments and integrate them into the system. The following day they take them to in processing where they get their paperwork and pay sorted out, and then take them to get medical physicals, he said.

“Now today is the third day that we’ve had them and we’re making sure that they get all the gear that they need to continue training,” Pendleton said.

A Cadet from 6th Regiment, Basic Camp signs paperwork to obtain equipment at CIF on Ft. Knox, Kentucky, July 4. Photo by Lindsey Crown

After that, they are in the hands of trainers and drill sergeants, he said.

In Basic training, Cadets will go through a reception company for the first few days before they’re introduced to trainers and drill sergeants. This is kind of mimicking that basic training system so their trainers can focus solely on the training of the Cadets, he said.

They do this with each regiment. This is the first summer that Cadet Command has tried this system out.

Basic Camp has been hectic so far, said Cadet Luke Dibler, Marquette University.

“We’re doing a lot of paperwork and in processing right now, so we’re not doing any of the fun stuff yet,” Marquette said. “I feel like in the next couple weeks it’s going to pick up, and once we actually get to the training we’ll have a much better time.”