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by: Cpt. Samuel D. Sellers

edited by: Mattie Cook

Fort Knox, Ky.-U.S. Army Cadet Command Cadre members from over 20 different Senior ROTC programs and 40 recently commissioned active duty 2nd Lieutenants assembled on Fort Knox, Ky., June 11 to learn about the proper use of pyrotechnics during Cadet Summer Training (CST). Each Cadre member and newly commissioned officers represent a variety of branches within the Army.

CST, comprised of Basic and Advanced camps, combines all eight brigades within U.S. Army Cadet Command and will produce the Army’s newest officers.

Cpt. Jane Thomas, Ordinance Officer, Virginia Tech University MSII instructor, demonstrates to 2nd Lt. David Spangler the proper technique for employing artiillery simulators.

Basic Camp cadets, comprised of Military Science one and two students, learn essential information such as troop leading procedures, leadership attributes and squad tactics during their capstone field training exercises. During these exercises, Cadre create realistic stresses of combat with the use of artillery and grenade simulators.

To use these simulators properly, Cadre must first be trained. Capt. Jane Thomas, Military Science two instructor, Virginia Tech University and Ordnance Officer, facilitated the class to certify personnel on using ordnance.

Ordnance officers lead the Army’s preeminent tactical and technical explosives experts. Cpt. Thomas demonstrated the proper technique for employing artillery simulators and said she was excited for the opportunity.

“I’m glad to teach good safety habits before these 2nd Lieutenants get to their units,” Thomas said. “They asked a lot of questions to increase their knowledge while learning to employ artillery simulators to ensure the safety of the Cadets.”

2nd. Lt. Chad Spangler, commissioned from University of Alabama and branched infantry, was the first Lieutenant to go through the certification process.

“The training was cool and I’m excited to use pyrotechnics while training Cadets this summer,” said Spangler.

In addition to artillery simulation, Cadre are trained in leadership attributes and other areas to ensure Cadets are being trained and tested properly to be ready for the responsibilities of becoming Army officers.