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FORT KNOX, Ky. – The Cadets of 8th Regiment, Basic Camp embraced their uniformity while learning the Army drill and ceremony.

To be in the Army means to adopt discipline and order – two words that come to mind when thinking of drill and ceremony. Uniformity is a convention of the military, and the Cadets learn the significance of it only a few days into training.

Basic Camp Cadets listen while receiving drill and ceremony instruction. July 14, Fort Knox, Ky. Photo by Hope Nelson

Cadet Shamar Johnson noted, “The importance of these things is for us to be able to march together as one team.”

Johnson, an MS3 Trainer having already been through Basic and Advanced Camp, along with two others, was in charge of instructing the Basic Camp Cadets.

“We’re going to teach them just the basic movements, which consists of facing movements, left and right face, about face, also present arms and order arms,” said Johnson.

Even though drill and ceremony isn’t the most thrilling training the Cadets will go through, the Cadets were eager to learn the basics. The Cadets worked in their squads, platoons and companies to nail down the movements consistently.

Basic Camp Cadets receive instruction for drill and ceremony. July 14, Fort Knox, Ky. Photo by Hope Nelson

“We all want to be uniform because we are an Army. We want to make sure we’re one team,” said Cadet Fabian Carrasquillo.

With the basics perfected, the Cadets of 8th Regiment, Basic Camp are ready to tackle the next 27 days of training.

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