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FORT KNOX, KY—Advanced Camp 10th Regiment went through preliminary marksmanship instruction (PMI) and group/zeroing training prior to their qualification exercise.

10th Regiment Advanced Camp went through their group and zeroing training in preparation for qualification. July 21, Fort Knox, Ky. (Photo by Amber Vincent)

Over the course of two days, 10th Regiment learned the basics of shooting and caring for their weapon at PMI, and then they put those basics to the test at group/zeroing before they would move on to qualification.

“PMI goes through all the steps of how to shoot an M4 rifle,” explained Cadet Karoline Schenosky, University of Southern California. “We cover safety, loading, shooting, and then clearing the rifle.”

Aside form teaching the basics, PMI is also designed to get Cadets familiar with their M4.

“This is my first time shooting, so I’m not very comfortable with the M4,” said Schenosky. “After completing PMI, I feel a lot more comfortable.”

Once Cadets go through PMI training, they’re ready to hit the rifle range to group and zero.

Advanced Camp 10th Regiment completed Preliminary Marksmanship Instruction (PMI) sessions in preparation for their zeroing and qualification trainings. July 20, Fort Knox, Ky. (Photo by Brendan Schmidt)

For Cadets to group, all of the M4 riles are set to mechanical zero. Once a Cadet gets a good grouping, five shots in a 25-millimeter circle, they will then adjust their sights to move their group as close to center mass as they can get.

“Zeroing is unique to you. It’s very rare that people will have the same zero or even that mechanical zero is their zero, too,” said Cadet Kristina McKenna, University of Maryland. Cadet McKenna explained that PMI acted as a refresher course for the weapons basics from her time at Basic Camp last year.

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