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FORT KNOX, Ky. – The 7th Regiment of Advanced Camp eagerly sat through orientations for the branches of the Army that peaked their interest. With less than a year before their commissioning, these Cadets will soon have a big decision to make.

Cadets learn more about their future job as an Army officer in a briefing during branch orientation. Fort Knox, Ky. July 28, 2017. Photo by Hope Nelson.

Before making a choice on what branch they want to enter, the Cadets have to be properly briefed on what all a branch entails.

“We can pick which branches we’re interested in or which ones we want to know a little more about and we go to them and they talk us through what you do in that branch where you’ll be stationed, etc.” said Cadet Bauman.

The Cadre leading the orientations come from posts all over the states to inform the Cadets on their branch. For most, their job is specifically tailored to getting the Cadets and other incoming officers all the right information they might need about the branch.

With over 20 branches to choose from, the Cadets had to narrow down their options to their top three preferences and attended a 45-minute briefing on each of those picks.

“There are a number of different branches that we can asses to once we commission next year and this is to help us choose which branch we want to assess to,” said Bauman, “We get to put in preferences and this is to help us get an idea of what each one does.”

Cadets learn the career progression if they were to branch into the Military Police. Fort Knox, Ky. July 28, 2017. Photo by Hope Nelson.

The different branches ranged from Chaplain to Armor, with many in between. However, the Cadets seemed most interested in the Combat Arms branches such as Engineering and Armor.

When asked his top preferences, Bauman said, “MI [Military Intelligence] is my number one choice and I’d kind of like to branch detail Armor.”

As the Cadets finish their training here in Advanced Camp and their final year in school, we can rest assured that our future Army officers will do great things no matter which branch they choose.

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