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Fort Knox, Ky., – Cadets of 9th Regiment, Advanced Camp were given the opportunity to attend a branch round table event during an evening at Cadet Summer Training, allowing them to explore possible branches to join after commissioning as Army officers.

Cadet Cody Travis, student at Western Michigan University, native of South Lyon, Michigan, explored his chosen branch and others available while at the round table event.

9th Regiment, Advanced Camp participated in a branch round table event August 6, Fort Knox, Ky. The Cadets were able to explore the different branches within the U.S. Army, ask questions, and talk with Officers and NCO’s leading the presentations. (Photo by Emily LaForme).

“We have the opportunity to visit all the different branches, or at least four of them today, and get information briefs from each one of them and just learn more about them,” said Travis. “I think a lot of people don’t know a whole lot about all the different branches, because there are so many of them. It gives people a chance to look at some things that they might not have thought they were interested in and change their minds.”

Travis plans on branching with the military police as part of his desired career with law enforcement.

“I’m most interested in joining the military police,” said Travis. “My degree is in criminal justice and I plan on being a police officer after I graduate, so doing that along with the National Guard will work best for me.”

Travis encourages Cadets who are unsure of what they want to branch into, to think outside of the box and look at branches they wouldn’t normally choose.

“For someone who doesn’t know what they want to branch into: take your top three choices, visit all three, and then choose one random one you never would have picked,” said Travis.

Cadet Derek Jodrey, student at Saint Leo University, native of Tampa Florida, was able to gain a new perspective on what he wants to do in his Army career.

“I think it’s important to get a different perspective. Most people only think of a few branches, and they have preconceived ideas about those branches, and when they get into them they might realize that is not what they want to do,” said Jodrey.

Jodrey, a computer science major, knew he wanted to do something with technology and information.

Cadet Anderson, 9th Regiment Advanced Camp, takes notes during a branch information meeting August 6, Fort Knox, Ky. The Cadets were able to explore the different branches within the U.S. Army, ask questions, and talk with Officers and NCO’s leading the presentations, here Cadets learn about Signal Corps. (Photo by Emily LaForme).

“I had an idea [on what branch I wanted], I’m a computer science major, and I specialize in information security, so Cyber Security goes right along with what I want to do and what I’m doing currently, so that’s just my main choice,” said Jodrey. “Other than that, going around to the different branches, I now see that there are stepping stones that fit along with my major in some branches that I didn’t think I could have, such as Signal Corps or Air Defense Artillery.”

Jodrey thinks that the Cyber Security branch will be the best fit for him.

“It’s the newest branch in the Army and it looks like something I would have a lot of fun doing. I went to the branch brief and it confirmed my thoughts about the branch, what they do is what I want to do, both in the Army and in civilian life, so I think that it’s perfect for me,” said Jodrey.

Jodrey also encourages Cadets to explore all options, even branches that wouldn’t normally seem like the obvious choice.

“Try to hit every single branch that you can, and make sure that they are wildly different, go to something that you wouldn’t expect you would like,” said Jodrey.

Cadet Summer Training will bring 8,200 Cadets through Basic and Advanced Camp this summer on Fort Knox. These camps are designed to help challenge, grow and improve various skills and leadership qualities within the Cadets. If you think you have what it takes to be a Cadet or if you are interested in a job after college click the following link: