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By Mattie Cook

Fort Knox,Ky.- Cadet Summer Training (CST) 2017 came to a close Aug. 16 with the graduation of 10th Regiment, Advanced Camp.

The Maj. Gen. James E. Rudder Regiment sounded a big Hooah as they marched off of Brooks Field for the final time, as 17 Regiments have done before them.

Cadet Nathan J. Woodcock, Saint John’s Univeristy New York, receives his RECONDO (Reconnaissance Commando) certificate from Maj. Gen. Hughes at the 10th Regiment Advanced Camp graduation. August 16, Fort Knox, Ky. (Photo by Amber Vincent)

Cadet Nathan J. Woodcock, Saint John’s University New York, received the regiment’s only RECONDO (Reconnaissance Commando) Award. The RECONDO is given to Advanced Camp Cadets who have scored a 90 or above in various scored events, received a first time “GO” in first aid, call for fire and all the obstacles on the confidence course, completed the rappel tower and 12-mile foot march as well as demonstrated exceptional leadership with no moral or ethical violation during training.

Twelve of the 545 Cadets of 10th Regiment received Regimental Awards for outstanding performances is specialty areas of training including the Army Physical Fitness Test, cultural awareness, inspirational leadership and Army Ethics.

Guest speaker, Task Force Leader Commander Col. Farrell J. Duncombe thanked Cadet families, CST Cadre and the greater Fort Knox community for all the support they have given to Cadets on their journey to becoming future Army officers.

He also advised Cadets to remember the three C’s and four P’s.

Cadet Koby R. Binksriddle, receives the Norton Healthcare Award August 16 at the 10th Regiment Advanced Camp graduation. This award is presented to the Nurse Cadet that best demonstrates the ability to perform under stress while applying critical thinking skills to make accurate and immediate decisions. Fort Knox, Ky. Photo by Mattie Cook

“Be a person of good character, be competent and show care. You can execute these qualities by planning, prepare, practice perfectly and perform,” said Duncombe.

10th Regiment, Advanced Camp has seen rain, ticks, mud, heat and lack of sleep all to conquer the obstacles set before them to prepare for the responsibility of an officer in the United States Army. Through it all, they have persevered, a quality defining true grit, says Duncombe.

Cadet Summer Training 2017 has seen over 8,200 Cadets from all over the United States, and approximately 5,000 Cadre members to train them. The largest training in all of the U.S. Army has now come to a close once again, setting forth the country’s next best and brightest leaders.