FORT KNOX, KY – The Cadets of 2nd regiment Advance Camp were processed through the Central Issue Facility, Sunday June 10, to ensure they had all necessary equipment to complete their training.

Cadets of 2nd Regiment, Advanced Camp receive their equipment from CIF (Central Issuing Facility) Sunday June 10 in Fort Knox. By Joseph Barkoff.

The Cadets need to have gear that is reliable and in good condition, as well as addresses the packing list issued before camp, that listed essential items. It’s important that these Cadets have approved rucksacks that can carry all of their equipment for the duration of their time in the field. They also require assault packs that allow for high mobility during Situational Training Exercises.

“These college students are aspiring to take part in the Army profession, and have come here to be assessed to see how well they can be a professional,” Master Sgt. Christopher Wessling from the University of Hawaii contributed, “Most of them are coming from civilian backgrounds and have never been in the military, so this is their first time to learn as Soldiers.”

Having appropriate gear is one of their first steps of training.

Cadets of 2nd Regiment, Advanced Camp wait for Cadre to conduct an equipment double-check after receiving it from CIF (Central Issuing Facility) Sunday June 10 in Fort Knox. By Joseph Barkoff.

Cadets are outfitted with the most essential tools for camp: hydration carriers and canteens. When completing strenuous activities in the Kentucky heat, Cadets will need to drink up to a quart of water an hour to maintain safe levels of hydration.

“I feel pretty confident, I didn’t have many missing items, so I’m trying to get through the system and go with the flow,” said Cadet Walter Belton, a Criminology major from University of South Carolina.

Cadet Belton also had some advice for future Cadets, “Study up on your land navigation and come with a positive attitude. We’re all in it together, one Army, one family.”