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Fort Knox, Ky.-Do you like spicy food? Do you find yourself wanting to take your sinuses to the next level?  If so then you will love the CBRN chamber. At the CBRN chamber you will run into a lot of snout and tears and see everything free of charge. Today the 2ndRegiment for Basic Camp got to have an experience like no other when entering the chamber for the first time.

Turning up the intensity for the 2nd Regt., Basic Camp in CBRN chamber June 24. Fort Knox, Ky. Photo by AJ Barnes

CBRN stands for chemical, biological, radioactive, nuclear. CBRN is a training that involves a series of tasks one of which being the confidence chamber. The confidence chamber is where tear gas is distributed throughout the room, and Cadets are required to remove their masks, walk around the room, and scream cadences and songs.

Some of the symptoms from the chamber include, runny nose, difficulty breathing, chest pain, and burning watery sensation in the eyes. The symptoms only last about 10 minutes and then you eventually get your ability to breathe back. And if you can’t picture these sensations just think about if you soaked your entire body in ghost peppers.

Cadets exiting the chamber 2nd Regt., Basic . June 24. Fort Knox, Ky. Photo by AJ Barnes

The purpose of the chamber is so that the Cadets learn confidence in themselves and their equipment. The Cadets are able to see how their gas masks work and protect them from harmful chemicals but it also makes the Cadets believe in themselves. “It helps you build your character and who you are as a person,” explained Cadet John Humphries of North Georgia University.

Even though the idea of the chamber can be nerve racking, most Cadets don’t let the idea get in their head. And a few of them go in with special expectations for themselves. “I didn’t want to cough one time, didn’t want to show fear, and I wanted to show 100% confidence”, said Humphries.

The aftermath of the chamber.2nd Regt., Basic Camp. June 24. Fort Knox, Ky. Photo by AJ Barnes

Humphries had some lasting advice for future Cadets before returning to training. “Make sure you get through it the best that you can, and you have to have trust in yourself, Cadre, and Sergeants”.

The 2ndRegiment for Basic Camp seem to be conquering any and all obstacles put in front of them. And will continue to keep up the good work.